Demonic Medicine: Take Your Pills!

A spooky and sinister collection of original horror and dark humor from big names and talented newcomers!

What scares you most when you go to the doctor? Eighteen horror authors have come together to tell us what makes their skin crawl when they pick up a strange new bottle of pills from the pharmacist or hear the whirl of a dentist’s maniacal drill while they’re strapped to the chair. Try your best to keep the shadows at bay as you read these tales of blood, boils, scabs, and scars. This thrilling anthology is full of amusing and alarming anecdotes (and some antidotes) that will send more shivers down your spine than a chilled stethoscope on bare flesh.

Short Story: Midnight at the Opal Public Library by Amy Coles

Medical specialists are expensive – especially the spectral malady experts. But when a flicker of a ghost causes the take-no-shit witch, Poppy Noxwell, to crash her motorcycle, it’s the last straw. She needs her connection to the ghosts severed immediately. Poppy’s only option: to turn to her best friend Sybil, who notoriously has strange contacts in unconventional places.

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