Cover Reveal!

I have some exciting news to share: my debut picture book is complete!

Let me introduce you to Sparkle Kitty vs. the Sun, which will be available in hardcover and ebook format May 10, 2022.

Sparkle Kitty vs. the Sun teaches children about sun safety with interactive search-and-find pages and whimsical illustrations. For children learning to read, this story has a phonics focus of “IGHT”.

Sparkle Kitty wants only one thing today: to play outside.

But the sun is too BRIGHT!

And the sun is too HOT!

If only someone could help

Sparkle Kitty find everything they need to stay happy and safe in the sun…

Recommended Age: 3-8

Recommended Grade: K-3

Word Count: 431 words

Lexile Level: 880

Phonics Focus: “IGHT”

Why did I make this book?

Working as a public librarian, I often hear parents’ candid opinions of picture books: their likes, dislikes, wishes. And I noticed that there are a number of picture book topics that have fallen by the wayside in recent years.

I had a look around for picture books about sun safety for parents last summer, and came up short. My library carried one book on the topic and only carried a handful of old-looking titles.

So I did it myself. I taught myself digital illustration and self-publishing, and I made this book happen.

It was important to me to focus on creating vibrant and whimsical illustrations, rather than the more common realism used in tandem with didactic picture books. I had a strong sense that kids would rather read about Sparkle Kitty than about little Jimmy (I know I would!).

So here we are! A week away from the publication date and I couldn’t be happier.

Sparkle Kitty vs. the Sun will be available online at most big box stores including Chapters Indigo, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon (for a number of countries).

I hope you enjoy!