Angry Birds Craft

What’s better than a character-inspired craft? One you can throw, obviously.

This Angry Birds-inspired craft kit is simple and easy to put together for anyone needing a quick idea. It can be done in-person or as a craft kit.

Each craft kit makes two Angry Birds (Red) and two King Pigs (King Smooth Cheeks). Once the craft has been put together, kids can use household materials to build fortresses for their King Pigs and try to knock each other’s down by throwing their Angry Birds at it.

Preparing 50 Kits

Toilet paper rolls50Cut each TP roll in half to make two short rolls. Place two short rolls in each kit.
Red ping pong balls100~$24Place two ping pong balls in each kit.
Googly eyes400~$4Place eight googly eyes in each kit.
Black pipe cleaners25~$1Cut each pipe cleaner in half. Put one half piece in each kit. These will be the Angry Birds’ eyebrow.
Yellow construction paper3 sheetsCut two inch squares of yellow paper to place two each kit. The kids will later cut these into crowns for their King Pigs.
Orange construction paper1 sheetCut half-inch triangles of orange paper and place two in each kit. This will be used as the Angry Birds’ beaks.
Green construction paper8 sheets1) Use a one-inch hole punch to create 100 green circles. Place two in each kit. These will be the King Pigs’ snout.
2) Use a 2/3 hole punch to create 200 smaller green circles. Place four in each kit. These will be the King Pigs’ ears.
Instruction sheet (provided below)50Place one instruction sheet in each kit.

Total Cost: ~$30 for 50 kits

*Patrons will need to supply their own scissors, colouring utensils, and glue.


This instruction sheet can be placed in each craft kit. It can be saved as an image, and it’s dimensions will allow it to print out nicely on standard letter sized paper.

Monster Book of Monsters Craft

This Harry Potter-inspired craft is perfect for children ages 8+. I refuse to put an upper age limit on this because multiple adult staff members took my left over supplies home to make their own 😉

I framed this craft program as “Hogwarts Summer School: Care for Magical Creatures”. I made craft kits for patrons to pick up and a YouTube video tutorial for them to follow along with (and, yes, I dressed up as a Hogwarts professor with a Hogwarts Zoom background).

How to Prepare 22 Kits:

Hardcover Book22$0Use weeded children’s chapter books (thicker books ~300 pages work best). 1 book per kit.
Furry Material (light brown)1 Yard$60Measure and cut material against each individual book. Cut enough so it can wrap around, covering the front, spine, and back cover.
Craft Eyespack of 100$154 eyes per kit.
Red Felt3 sheets>$1Cut into strips to act as bookmark tongues.
White Felt2 sheets>$1Cut into rectangles so kids can later cut them into rows of teeth.

Total Cost: ~$75 (or ~$3.50 per kit).

*Patrons will need to supply their own scissors and glue.


  1. Remove the dustjacket from the book. Then ensure the fabric will cover the entire outside of the book.

2. Use hot glue or tacky glue to stick the fabric to the book. Begin by gluing down the spine and then continue with the front and back covers. Trim off any overhang.

3. Part the fur about 2/3 of the way down the cover (away from the spine). Brush the back of the part straight up and glue the eyeballs directly into that fur. I promise it’s more secure than it sounds!

4. Cut a triangle out of the red felt to make it look like a bookmark tongue and glue it somewhere near the middle of the book.

5. Use the felt to cut out two rows of teeth. Glue one row to the inside of the front cover and the other row to the inside of the back cover.

6. Use your fingers to bend the felt in place so they don’t awkwardly stick straight out of the mouth.

7. Give your monster a hair cut near it’s mouth so you can better see it’s teeth and tongue!

When you’re all done, you’ll have a Monster Book of Monsters that would bring a happy tear to Hagrid’s eye.

There are so many variations on how this project can be completed and what materials you can use – this is just the version that makes me the happiest. But if you’ve made a MBOM too – what did you use? And how did it go?